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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  December 21, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PST

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i. >> good evening. >> that breaking news happening tonight in san francisco. >> 4 people injured in hit-and-run accident in the twin peak area. at least one person in bad shape from what we understand. we are live at the scene with the very latest. sergio? >>reporter: there are actually 2 scenes that we are looking into here. the first is just beyond the police cars over in that direction. that's where 4 people were walking earlier this evening. 3 of them were hit by a passing car. let's go ahead and look at some video of this scene so we can kind of explain this. now 3 people went over the edge. those victims were knot knocked off the edge by that, on the roadway. rescue crew had to recover them from the edge. one person suffered life threatening injuries. an adult woman. now the fourth person apparently was not injured. may have actually called ice. was also searching for potentially. knot now all 3
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were transported to a local hospital. now just yards away places discovered a suspect vehicle. the car had some major damage on the passenger side and the driver of that vehicle was visibly belligerent with officers inside that vehicle one of the passengers was also injured and was also transported to a local hospital. now as part of the investigation the driver will be tested to see if that person was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. now again police tell us that this is an ongoing investigation. there werez) 4 people injured. 3 people who were hit and went over the edge and then one person inside that suspect vehicle. they are still lacking for further details in this and of course as they pass them along, we will as well. reporting live on top of twin peak, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> now to our other big story tonight. another storm moving in to the bay area. >> sandhya is tracking the storm on live doppler 7 hd.
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>> yes. the winds are picking up right now out of the south gusting 40 to 45 miles an hour over the hills and as we check out live doppler 7 hd we have our radar on mount saint helena watching the rain moving into the north bay. pretty wide spread as you can see right now. take you down to street level here. the heaviest rain currently falling around hearn avenue in santa rosa. guerneville road. bennett valley road as we pan around the bay area you will notice here that valley ford road we see some moderate wane fall. head out to glen ellen. moderate rain indicated on arnold drive and lighter rain beginning to move in around here and the rain spread as you look at computer animation here. heaviest rain will slowly shift south. morning commute is going to be wet and windy. we have wind advisory going up. this storm is going to stall out. i'll let you know what this means for the holiday travel plans coming up.
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>> thanks very much. >> the storm is already moved into the north bay tonight. often they get hit first. allen is live in santa rosa with a look at how people ready. it's really coming dow down. >>reporter: yes it looks pretty big and menacing on the radar but so far mostly tonight seen light showers. it is picking up so it looks like we are seeing the leading edge of that storm front moving through santa rosa right now. fire rescue officials were checking out low lying areas today but so far no problems. santa rosa has an excellent storm drain system so they don't expect this one to cause much floodin flooding. in fact, most of the city sand bagging stations aren't even open at this time. biggest threat of the storm will be the high winds. >> we do expect some winds to accompany the storm and so we will see increase in call volume and go to increase of power lines counsel increase in traffic sdonts. go to increase in trees that have fallen.
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>>reporter: about now if there is any flooding it will likely occur west of town later on this weekend. the emergency operation center is on standby but they don't expect to use i it. it will be wet. but the biggest threat will be the win wind. reporting live in santa rosa, abc 7 news. thank you. the rain is expected to turn to snow at the higher elevations much to skier dlichlt there's already snow on the ground on highway 2 67 at lake tahoe. ski resorts in the sierra expected to get between 10 to 20 inches of snow over the next three days. >> well good news for the ski resorts but the weather here expected to cause big delay at san francisco international airport tomorrow. friday is the heaviest traffic day of the holidays. there are also huge storms back east that will probably delay more flights or could be a real has toll get around. you are advised therefore to caught airport ahead of time to see if your flight is on time whether leaving or picking someone up. stay with 7 news and 7
12:06 am watch abc 7 morning news at 4:30 for the latest on how the storm will affect the morning commute. >> in newtown, connecticut 5 more victims of last week school shooting were laid to rest today. meantime some of the first rae responders met privately u.s. attorney general holder who pay add visit to connecticut today. the nra is expected to hold a major news dovrns make the first full statement since the killings. also tomorrow morning church bell throughout the country will ring at 6:28 one week to minute of the shooting. 7 news will carry a special report during tomorrow's moment of silence at 6:28. we will air it right here on the morning news and we will also stream it live for you at abc 7 and there was a moment of silence held tonight for the snook victims. took place in the south bay. amma has the story. >> our beautiful innocent children and 6 of the
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courageous and loving teachers and helpers. >>reporter: people of all faith gather inside the santa clara county building for a community vigil honoring those killed inked sandy hook elementary shooting. >> we are 3000 miles away but we understand our own children are vulnerable and neighbors. >>reporter: county supervisor hosted event that began with a moment of silence. >> the fear starts to go away when we begin to convene people, to unify people around a common cause and non-violence is the ultimate common cause that. >> cause inspired seventh grader an that to speak at the vigil. >> i think we all realize there's a major problem in the united states. >>reporter: at just 12 years old she joined the debate over gun control. >> the idea that guns don't kill people that people kill people is only an excuse. >>reporter: she wants to prevent tragedy lake the sandy hook shooting from ever happening again. 10-year-old nick a agrees he came to show his respect for the victims. >> i feel in bad for all the
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people that got killed by the gunman and i just wanted to say what i felt because i'm about their able. >>reporter: so he wrote a message to the family and placed it on the community vigil tree decorated with pictures of all who died like principal dawn. >> i wish familiarityly good luck and best they could possibly have and i wish that all the victims would rest in peace. >>reporter: community vigil tree will remain up through christmas eve so if you would like to stop by and leave a message come by during business hours. this the is abc 7 news. >> former marine who stationed himself in front of central california elementary school since the newtown shooting is facing questions about his service history tonight. craig earned praise for doing guard duty at elementary school in houston just south of modest t to. but mat arena corps revie reviewed statements he made to the local newspaper. corps says he was not a reservist and never deployed to afghanistan.
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he was discharged in 2008 as private after serving less than one year. in vallejo tonight police are looking for the hit-and-run driver who killed a man and his dog. it happened this morning at the intersection of sutter street and louisiana street show it to you on the map. 64-year-old man was returning from a walk with his dog when they were struck. victim is a resident of vallejo. driver and vehicle still nowhere to be found tonight. in oakland police are searching for 2 people whose gun battle caught a grandmother in the cross fire. 47-year-old ramona foreman walk with her sister last night in front of a store on international boulevard at 92 avenue two men began shooting at one another from across the street. one of the bullet hit and killed her. >> people shooting. we didn't know who they were. but we definitely know it wasn't meant for my mama. >> everybody told us it was may machlt i ran straight through yellow tape. >>reporter: ramona was the mother of 2. grandmother of 4.
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police hope witnesses and surveillance cameras will lead them to the shooters. this is oakland 124th homicide this year. well still to come tonight on 7 news at 11:00. end of the world. not so much. but we are going to show you some of the people who are making a mint off that mayan prophecy. >> sweatshirt for gang symbol. sf pd protect some eighth graders. >> tracking the storm on live doppler more rain moves into the bay area. forecast when we continue and later on "nightline". >> coming up next on special edition of "nightline". day in the life of the american gun from the front-lines of the violent streets to family whose about bond down at the shooting range. look at the reality of the deep seated gun cull take your and what's at stake in the moment of national reflection.
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police officers in san francisco at this school. >> they gave the students brand new sweatshirt but as we are explained it was not the cold weather that prompted the gift. >>reporter: on the basketball court at st. peter's school members of the class 2013 proudly wear their new gray sweaters. >> i love them. they are super warm. since it's winter now it's amazing. >>reporter: the cozy new thread are replacement for the ones they had earlier in the school year. >> the other ones were blue and had actually just no. 13 on the back with our names. >>reporter: in this mission district neighborhood that number and that color raised some concerns by police because it's associated with the dangerous street gang. >> one of the sergeant at mission station saw these students wearing the blue colored sweatshirt with the no. 13 on the back and realized the neighborhood the school was if and realized potential problem. >>reporter: safety of the kids the police asked the school to collect the old sweaters. then officers at the mission street police station collected about
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1600 dollars to help buy 60 new ones. these nice new gray sweaters are courtesy of the san francisco police department which they handed out last wed. sister rose school vice principal said they were even redesigned. >> we took the 13 off. put 2013 put the student name back in it. >>reporter: the old sweatshirt are now being stored inside the mission street police station. plans are to give them away. and the new ones are a big hit for the st. peter's school class 2013. >> it's their job to look out for not just us but the city but like it's so special because they are just watching out for us also. >>reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. and south bay charity helping make spirits bright this holiday season. but it could use a little more help. sacred heart community service dpops give away more than 5500 toy and book by tomorrow. organizers say they need about 400 more gifts. primarily for
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teenagers. those that age group often overlooked to supply the toy box program think of teenagers if you want to give. all gifts going to family who might otherwise might not be able to afford them this year. if you want to help click on see it on tv. >> well australia and new yorkers still here so it appears the dooms day some people pre-dibingtd is not happening. it stems from mayan calendar that measures my license yeah ends tomorrow and many people turned night a marketing opportunity especially near the mayan rue anyone's mexico and guatemala. tourist take it with a grain of salt. >> near to a date that is a huge deal by a lot of people. i think it's very interesting. >> before we came we thought that according to the mayan that it is theen of the world. >>reporter: archeologist say the prediction is just wrong. they say the mayan simplyment to mark the end of an era not the end of the world. i was going to take dooms day off tomorrow. >> looks like you have to be here dan. >> let's talk about the
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weather. system is come in. >> sandhya here now. >> yes. since you have to be here tomorrow and i have to be here tomorrow make sure you have the rain gear. rain moving in. storm on live doppler 7 hd. storm come in from the northwest. we have our own radar on mount saint helena. radar ahead of the storm combined with national weather service to monterey bay and you will see this is where the steadiest of the rain is in the north bay ukiah reporting heavy rain right now along with clear lake and as you look here from forestville to gray to see bass total heavy rain faul. guerneville to the santa rosa area and heavy rainfall around petaluma hill road and 101 getting wet right now and this is how the morning commute is going to look. mixture of wind and rain. look at the radar across northern california. in the mountains we are picking up some snow. this is the cold storm and we are expecting quite a bit of snow since travel plans this holiday weekend watch out. winter storm warnings up for a good part of northern california
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mountains and the sierra nevad nevada. temperatures right now mainly in the 50's. 49 in san jose. it's not going to be quite as cold as what it was this morning. rewe had frosty cold conditions. winds gusting to 25, 26 miles an hour. higher elevation 40 to 45 miles an hour. wet and windy for the morning commute. winter arrives at 3:12 in the morning. certainly going to feel like it and more rain coming up for the weekend. here's satellite and radar. slow moving storm which 80's we are just seeing the rain in the north bay right now but by morning that will all change. waves of rain for this upcoming weekend. it's cold so we will see quite a bit of snow out of these systems as we head that the weekend. 11:00 p.m. tonight we have the rain line in the north bay watch washington the computer animation is going do. wide spread rain for the morning commute. morning drive will feature a rough ride with the wind kicking up as we head into 7:00 a.m. the front hasn't moved much. at 9:00 a.m. it's barely moving. see moderate
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rainfall around the santa cruz mountains. in the afternoon this front stalls out so the moisture is right over the bay area. 5:00 p.m. evening get away. holiday travel plans will be slow. next batch saturday morning could be possibility of thunder with the system scattered showers on saturday. more rain on sunday. all said and done north bay mountains up to 8 inches this of rain into sunday 4:00 p.m. santa cruz mountains up to 6 inches. 3 to 6 inches in the north bay. 2 to 4 in the peninsula. urban small stream flooding likely but the rivers major rivers should be fine. watch out for down tree and power lines. we have a wind advisory for the north bay mountains and coast until 4 a.m. tomorrow. peninsula coast san francisco peninsula coast until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow gust to 50 miles an hour certainly possible. these are the areas possible travel delay. interstate 5 and interstate 80 you can see winter storm warnings going for
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the northern california mountains. sierra nevada 4 a.m. friday through 10:00 p.m. sunday. 2 to 5 feet of snow above 4000. travel delay are likely with chain control. morning low milder low 40's to low 50's. carry rain gear. make sure you give yourself extra time for the morning commute and afternoon temperatures with the rainy conditions upper 40's to the upper 50's. accu-weather 7 day forecast more wet weather for the weekend if you have last minute holiday shopping to do. christmas eve santa will be fine. chance of rain spas day with more wet weather thursday and friday. >> big game coming up for the 49 they are weekend. >> really important game. larry is here. >> yes and the question is will smith be there and can the 49ers stop the seahawks if smith can't play? find out on sun. latest on the cow boy injuries next in cow boy injuries next in sports.
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like cowboy down he injured his elbow. string of 185 consecutive starts very much in jeopardy. smith has not practiced this week. not o o ot on the field today. 49ers have not disclosed the specifics of that he will bow injury. he missed most of the second half in new england if he's not playing it must be something serious. other niner nuts safety goldson fined 29,000 dollars for that hit on hernandez defenseless receiver. niners can clinch the nfc west with a win over seahawks. carrolls this game is huge. >> i'm looking at this game as championship opportunity like we always say. it truly will feel like that on game day at the stadium and all of that and it does give us an opportunity to be a championship team. >> byu san diego state and poinsettia bowl in san diego. almost no offense in the contest. this is close to unwatchable. except for that play. kyle picks off adam. and returns it for the score.
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byu wins the bowl 23-6. i just saved you 3 and a half hours. the warriors are back in action tomorrow night at home against charlotte then kobe and lakers on sachlts on the court tonight oklahoma city with 12 game whip streak but love can not be stopped. i keep telling dan this. kevin love. 28 points. t-wolves up by 12. durrant check this out. high off the top of the backboard hit it was up there. and goes. 33 forth durrant. jj was like hair was on fire late in the game. 4 of the 18 points come in the fourth quarter. t-wolves and okc 12 game sizzle 99-93. nhl heading right over their own fiscal cliff. on this day 96 of the nhl lock out. league has cancelled games through january the 14th. if new collective bargaining agreement not reached some time in january, the knit wit that run the league will preside over the second lost season due to labor dispute since 2004.
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brighter side warriors head coach jackson at pier 30. san francisco firefighters annual holiday toy drive this afternoon. this is massive effort. more than 200,000 toys gather for some 40,000 needy kids and it is a terrific cause. >> this is what it's all about. it's about impacting livts and making a difference. i'm absolutely honored and humble to be part of this process. give these firefighters a lot of credit for what they have done. >> 100 to 200 toys to be delivered today alone we are so thankful san francisco come out and help us. this is time of the year when we really need all the help we can get for san francisco kids. >>reporter: absolutely great to sea the coach out there. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. by the way do you know what time is on the mayan. i'm trying to figure out when to descend in my underground bunker. >> things are cleared there. >> oh. spent all the money on the bunker for nothing. >> i'm opening it up and benches will be serve. >> enjoy.
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